In-House Diagnostics


Though it’s often easy to see that a pet is not feeling well, they’re not able to tell us exactly what’s wrong. Our clinic is equipped to conduct blood testing and radiology in-house, so we are able to determine exactly what is ailing your pet quickly and move immediately to treatment.

Blood testing can reveal a range of issues: A high red blood cell count can indicate a condition called polycythemia or simple dehydration, while a low red blood cell count suggests anemia; a high white blood cell count is indicative of infection, whereas a low white blood cell count can mean a weakened immune system; and a hemoglobin test measures how much oxygen your pet’s blood can carry.

A radiograph –commonly known as an x-ray –can help diagnose broken bones, swelling in the joints and other types of bone abnormalities. X-rays can also be used to diagnose problems with the internal organs, like the heart, lungs, spleen, liver and kidneys. When necessary we will refer you to additional diagnostic facilities, such as Ultrasound and MRI, in the area.

Once Westside Veterinary Clinic understands the depth of your pet’s illness or injury, a treatment plan will be developed in order to help your pet heal and restore your pet’s health. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your pet’s health and his or her diagnosis, and offer our best recommendation to help make your pet comfortable during the healing process.

For more information on our radiology and diagnostic imaging services in Florence, feel free to give us a call at 843-673-9233 today.