When your pet needs surgery, you need to find a practice that can administer both gentle and effective treatment to your beloved companion. From routine procedures, such as spaying or neutering, to more advanced operations, your pet may need to undergo surgery for any number of reasons. Our staff at Westside Veterinary Clinic is trained to give your pet the care and compassion they need to not only successfully make it through the operation but to lead a healthier and happier life when they return from our facilities.

You can expect our staff’s complete attention when your pet is in the surgical room. Veterinary surgery often requires multiple professionals working together, which is why we make sure your pet’s temperature, hydration, and anesthesia are constantly monitored and adjusted by a trained technician. Our team works together to communicate any potential anomalies that may compromise the efficacy of the surgery.

Our team works together to make sure your pet’s procedure is monitored at all times to ensure successful outcomes. Our surgical technicians will discuss with you and answer any questions before the procedure while you drop off your pet in the morning of the surgery and you will receive a phone call after surgery to inform you of recovery and to keep you updated on pick up instructions you may have.  We also offer drop offs for surgeries the afternoon before if unable to drop off the morning of the surgery to help accommodate your schedule.

Pre-lab work to be performed as deemed necessary and appropriate anesthesia is chosen and provided according to pets needs. After the surgery, we design pain management strategies specific to your pet’s size, breed, and condition. It’s our goal to give you all the advice you need to properly care for your pet from the moment they come home from the surgery. Taking an all-around approach to surgical care is the best path to achieving better pet health, and we want our clients to feel as empowered as we do to help.